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*This ebook is almost twice as big as How to.. Night Photography and contains a lot of How To.. Night Photographys tutorials, if you are going to only get one eBook then this would be the one to get*

Beginners Guide to your DSLR - Getting off Auto is a practical guide to help you get off Auto on your DSLR and take stunning photos straight away.

Available through Amazon UK, USA and many more, also available through Itunes, Nook, Barnes and Noble and much much more....

You will be given simple settings for your camera for each technique that will help you get started immediately!

You will learn How To...
...take perfect Beach photos
...photograph Light Trails
...take HDR pictures
...perfect the Zoom Burst technique
...use White Balance with your photos
...perfect your Snow photos
...use the Rule of Thirds to dramatically improve your photos
...photograph Portraits
...capture Fireworks
...learn Panning
...capture Cityscapes and Landscapes
...learn Composition tricks to make your photos stand out to capture Architecture
...and much much more!!

Also included are some computer tutorials for taking photos of panoramas and changing your image to black and white while leaving a splash of colour.

This guide should have you taking stunning photos within minutes of reading it!
Beginners Guide to your DSLR - Getting off Auto