Francesco Sinibaldi(non-registered)
Taciturn quietness.

In the breath,
in the sunshine,
in a luminous
singing walking
alone near a
delicate dream,
in the tears
of your care....

Francesco Sinibaldi
Very good Website, Continue the very good work. Thank you so much. myrta
I love your pictures from London. This will give me some inspiration for my next visit.
Grad Student in VA(non-registered)

We are discussing copyright infringement in my class right now.
I read parts of your blog where people stole your pics and took credit for them/used them.

So sorry!!!!
I'm so mad for you - you have a great eye and it's a pain to get a good shot of anything!
Have you found any way to stop this kind of thing?

I am also an artist but haven't begun to market work online because of this very thing.
Any advice?
Derek Rees(non-registered)
Great to see your work. You are very talented. Looking forward to seeing some photos of the wedding.
Martin Braun(non-registered)
Your photos are awesome!
Thank's for sharing them with us and thank you
for your nice Light Trails Tutorial, it is very cool!
I really like your amazing work!
Maybe you visit my hometown Hamburg some day
I think you will really like this city! find some shots at my HP!
Keep on processing, can't wait to see more pictures!

regards Martin
dhSchwartz - Artistic Passion(non-registered)
Beautiful Pictures!! You are a great
Thank you for sharing such an amazing job.
I can't stop looking @ these pics.
Matt Rattray(non-registered)
G! Love your pictures! - Very Cool! I need to get more of my own up at some point! Nothing like exploring this amazing world we live in eh!

Nice Work

Love your photography! :)

I am an amateur photographer myself and I would love to live from it one day! Do you make a living from photography? Did you undertake any formal course/degree?

Your advise would be highly appreciated!


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