Very good Website, Continue the very good work. Thank you so much. myrta
I love your pictures from London. This will give me some inspiration for my next visit.
Grad Student in VA(non-registered)

We are discussing copyright infringement in my class right now.
I read parts of your blog where people stole your pics and took credit for them/used them.

So sorry!!!!
I'm so mad for you - you have a great eye and it's a pain to get a good shot of anything!
Have you found any way to stop this kind of thing?

I am also an artist but haven't begun to market work online because of this very thing.
Any advice?
Derek Rees(non-registered)
Great to see your work. You are very talented. Looking forward to seeing some photos of the wedding.
Martin Braun(non-registered)
Your photos are awesome!
Thank's for sharing them with us and thank you
for your nice Light Trails Tutorial, it is very cool!
I really like your amazing work!
Maybe you visit my hometown Hamburg some day
I think you will really like this city! find some shots at my HP!
Keep on processing, can't wait to see more pictures!

regards Martin
dhSchwartz - Artistic Passion(non-registered)
Beautiful Pictures!! You are a great
Thank you for sharing such an amazing job.
I can't stop looking @ these pics.
Matt Rattray(non-registered)
G! Love your pictures! - Very Cool! I need to get more of my own up at some point! Nothing like exploring this amazing world we live in eh!

Nice Work

Love your photography! :)

I am an amateur photographer myself and I would love to live from it one day! Do you make a living from photography? Did you undertake any formal course/degree?

Your advise would be highly appreciated!


Rob Grimes(non-registered)
You have such an amazing collection of images, that allows others to learn from and to see the world through your eyes, a true inspiration to many around the world. I wish you continued success and look forward to seeing more of your images! Regards Rob
Danny Davies.(non-registered)
I love the way your photo's inspire others, they see the colours and composition, you have thought it thru as to how and why the time of day those are critical to good photography, there are more, the eye and knowledge. We all try to better ourselves, some will make it many don't,
Keep shooting and show us more of your excellent photo's.
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