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How to... Night Photography

Available on Amazon UK, USA, Australia everywhere! also on Itunes, Nook, Barnes and Noble and many more...

How To... Night Photography is a practical guide to help you get started taking photos during 4 stages of the evening; golden hour; sunset; twilight and night.

You will be given simple settings for your camera for each technique that will help you get started immediately!

You will learn How To...
...take perfect sunsets
...photograph Light Trails
...take HDR pictures
...perfect the Zoom Burst technique
...use White Balance with your photos
...use the Rule of Thirds to dramatically improve your photos
...photograph silhouettes
...capture fireworks
...much much more!!

Also included are some computer tutorials for taking photos of panoramas, adding texture to your pictures and changing your image to black and white while leaving a splash of colour.

This guide should have you taking stunning photos within minutes of reading it!
How To... Night Photography ebook